Tactical Team

Zero Tolerance for Criminals.

Tactical Security Services, greater Alberton areas

Best Crime Prevention Team in Alberton

With the ever increasing criminal onslaught the normal Armed Reaction Officers are tasked every day to attend to alarm activations and are now always able to identify and arrest suspicious people and hence our elite Tactical Team plays a vital role in taking the would be criminal’s to task and removing them from the area before they can commit crimes

These highly trained professionals utilise a variety of specialised equipment to resolve high-risk situations and are expected to maintain peak physical and mental alertness whilst on or off duty through extensive training programs wherein they are trained to rapidly obtain intelligence, collect evidence, extract information and ultimately apprehend the criminals.

CPS’s Tactical Teams are equipped with high performance vehicles in order to track, pursue and apprehend get away vehicles and criminals.

Only candidates who meet the highest standards are considered for the CPS Tactical Team.

Hi-Performance Vehicles

Tactical Officers

Tactical Team

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