About CPS Security

Zero Tolerance to Crime!

More than 18 000 house robberies are committed in South Africa every year.

Don't be one of these statistics.

Drive through any city in South Africa and you cannot help noticing the vast array of signs proclaiming alarm systems and armed patrols, together with the rampart-like walls, the electrified fences and lights, and snarling guard dog signs - all attesting to a nation battling to cope with a very high rate of violent crime. People in their homes ought to have greater control over their lives than they do anywhere else, but in South Africa most people do not feel safe at home. It is not only robberies that are threatening the sanctity of our homes, more than 68% of car hijackings happen in our driveways.

About CPS Security, Alberton

CPS Security is a professional, proactive security service provider, employing only the best resources to safe guard your home and loved ones and our success is aatributed to our passion in fighting crime and Zero Tolerance to crime. As hence we are the fastest growing security coming in the Alberton area.

Our highly skilled workforce are able to provide our customers with the service they expect from an effective and efficient armed response company, thus giving them absolute confidence in their security systems and in us as their security service provider.

Operating around the clock, our control room personnel, reaction officers and Tactical Team members are always ready to assist with any type of emergency and go to extreme lengths to ensure the safety of our clients and their homes.

Best Security Service in Alberton

Backed up by the local authories, such as the SAPS and EMPD, CPS Security has become a trusted household name in Alberton and criminals are threatened by our highly effective proactive patrols and hence this has made a force to be reckoned with in Alberton.

CPS Security's main objective is to provide a customised, pro-active security solution to protect greater Alberton areas, which includes guarding, 24 hour armed response, 24 hour patrolling and security installations supported by excellent customer service.

CPS Security currently services the following area's

  • Alberante
  • Alberton North
  • Albermarie Ext
  • Alrode
  • Brackenhurst
  • Brackendowns
  • Elandshaven
  • Florentia
  • General Alberts Park
  • Mayberry Park
  • Meyersdal
  • New Market
  • New Redruth
  • Randhard
  • Raceview
  • South Crest
  • Verwoerdpark