Rapid Armed Response

Our team has been trained to respond quickly to each emergency and handle each case with the necessary efficiency and integrity.


State of art control center

The control centre has been set up to reflect our belief in an integrated security management system and has been equipped with the latest technology and state of the art monitoring equipment.


Technical Services

There are a number of ways to secure your home or business, however, the best way is with a reliable well designed, well maintained electronic alarm system.


Specialised Services

CPS offers a variety of additional security services from guarding for functions and venues to escorting you home for late arrivals.

Professional Security Services

Our Management and reaction officers all have extensive training as required by the security industry and our team has extensive practical experience in dealing with criminal activities and how best to avoid crime from happening in the first place.

We have everything other security companies have WITH A DIFFERENCE. Our main objective is to protect our community!

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